Flex Schedule Hours

Flex Schedule Announcement:

We will be open from Sept. 15th-Oct. 3rd from 9am-6pm. Please remember to send your children with a lunch everyday. Lunch is scheduled for 11am. No refrigerated or microwaved items.

We look forward to having you with us!

Dear Diary

Dear Diary
By Julia Hockenberry

I’m in a cold sweat under my bed. I’m searching for my diaries. And I can’t find them anywhere.

A couple of scenarios run through my head as I blow a dust bunny from my face. Either I’ve hidden them so well that no one — not even me — will ever find them again or I’ve actually not hidden them very well at all, which is why they’re missing.

High Tea

Call today for your tickets to the 6th Annual High Tea! (828.693.9444)